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Customer Reviews

Central Presbyterian Church

"Jim and his crew do a great job at Central Presbyterian Church. They are very reliable and very happy to accommodate our every request."

-- Board of Trustees

Centerport United Methodist Church

"What a blessing to have found Jim and Derek Hankinson! They not only go about their work with determination and attendtion to detail, but they do it with joy! Jim and Derek are very punctual, faithful, dependable and willing to go above and beyond to make our church sparkle. They are adaptable and flexible - if your schedule changes, they are more than willing to accommodate us and help wherever needed. Jim and Derek are professional and friendly and trustworthy!"

-- Rev. Roy B. Gibbs


Maintain the security of the premises. Coordinate Schedules with church calendar or events. Setup room for scheduled meetings


Vacuum, strip, rinse, and speed buff sanctuary, rooms and offices.


Disinfect and deodorize bathrooms, replinishing supplies

Glass Doors

Clean entrance glass doors and all other office glass partitions

Trash Removal

Remove all trash.

Cleaning Materials

Provide proper cleaning materials and equipment for satisfactory performance of services. We use non-toxic cleaning products and disenfectants.


We are accountable to the Board of Trustees and will inform the Board or Church Committee of major repairs that are needed.

Seasonal/Annual Projects

Estimates to be determined for Seasonal Cleaning Projects, Annual or Bi-Annual Cleaning.

Jade Industry, Inc.

866 Park Avenue, Huntington, NY 11743


Tel: (631) 385-3204

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